All the Dear Little Animals

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Three children decide someone must bury all the world’s poor dead animals.

“The whole world is full of dead things,” said Esther. “In every bush there is a bird, a butterfly, a mouse. Someone must be kind and look after them. Someone must make a sacrifice and see that all these things are buried.”

“Who must?” I asked. 

“We must,” she said...

All the Dear Little Animals is a picture book for children aged five and up, and covers a difficult subject in a wonderfully unsentimental way. It describes exactly the way children resolve big issues―through play. It was chosen by Swedish children as one of their favorite books in 2008.

Eva Eriksson is one of Sweden’s best-loved children’s illustrators, winning the Astrid Lindgren and prestigious August prizes. Ulf Nilsson is a celebrated Swedish children’s writer, who has won the August and US Batchelder prizes.

  • Hardcover book
  • By Eva Eriksson and Ulf Nilsson