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Around the Clock 25pc 23" Round Puzzle

Around the Clock 25pc 23" Round Puzzle

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eeBoo Around the Clock 25 piece puzzle for children follows the hours of the day and night through the activities of Bear and friends. A wonderfully engaging way to teach time telling from an analog clock while also introducing the concept of the 24 hour day. Giant, thick pieces for little hands and sturdy, moving hands on the clock face will provide an innovative, educational experience.

This new oversized format offers an unusual twist on a traditional activity and the richness and thoughtfulness of the characters and activities shown make it a classic eeBoo product. Conceived by Saxton Freymann and illustrated by Uta Krogmann this absolutely gigantic round puzzle is 23" x 23” in diameter. Woman-owned and Mother-run, eeBoo creates wholesome activities that encourage imagination and inspire conversation and collaboration among peers and across generations.

For over 25 years, we have produced safe, environmentally sustainable gifts and games for families, and children of all ages and learning levels. eeBoo offers a curriculum of developmental skills that help to build the foundation confidence, creative problem solving, literacy, social navigation, respect for our differences, and a greater appreciation of the planet we all share.

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