Crafty Creations Mini-Pie Baking Kit


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A sure way to a child's heart is through shared cooking fun in the kitchen. Our crafty bake-to-give kit includes a complete set of the chef's tools needed to bake a pie; kids can keep them and experience that warm, rewarding joy again and again. Our kit includes a roller, mat, cutter, pie tins, pie presses, tart liners, and all the tools needed to create 8 unique, scrumptious mini pies (and three different crusts) from our staff baker's own file of heirloom recipes (ingredients not included). Best of all is starting a tradition of filling the included 20 gift boxes with one-of-a-kind, homemade gifts.

  • Cooking with kids in the kitchen
  • Bake-to-give kit
  • 8 mini-pie fillings and 3 different crusts
  • Kit includes all the cooking tools chefs of all ages can use to bake pies
  • Includes 20 gift boxes
  • Adult supervision required
  • Ingredients not included