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Granny's Clan

Granny's Clan

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A Lyrical, Heartwarming Family Story Perfect for Young Marine Biologists (Includes Vocabulary and More Information About Orcas)

By Dr. Sally Hodson
Illustrated by Ann Jones
Meet the orca Granny and her family in this beautiful picture book based on the real-life orca clan! Inspire any eager young reader with lyrical text that combines real science with a heartwarming story of family.

Like grandmothers everywhere, Granny the orca (killer whale) babysits, teaches, and plays with her orca grandchildren. She teaches them how to breathe through their blowholes, hunt for salmon, communicate by making sounds underwater, and how to escape from danger.

Perfect for any parent, grandparent, or teacher looking for a kids book about whales, mammal book for kids, or to help introduce marine biology to eager young minds.

Backmatter includes more information on Granny and orcas:
  • Fascinating Definitions: what is blubber? Echolocation? Blow holes? A pod?
  • How Orcas Live: how orcas communicate, how they breathe, what they eat, and more!
  • How Scientists Learn about Granny's Clan: scientists collect all kinds of information on Granny and her family…including looking at their poop!
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