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10' Chinese Jump Rope

10' Chinese Jump Rope

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Jumping rope is great, but if you want something a bit different and have three or more players, Chinese jump rope is a classic activity that kids love! Instead of moving the rope and jumping over it, the rope remains stationary and the jumper moves around the rope in a variety of jumps. When I was young, my friends and I used to do this to fun chants, and we always had a lot of fun. This rope is a good value; it's a continuous thin loop made of stretchy, durable material.

The two rope holders stand with their legs about a foot apart, and five or so feet away from each other with the rope around the outside of their legs at about ankle height. You want the rope taut, but still loose enough so it can stretch. The jumper starts with both feet inside the two sides of the rope and jumps in and out. A classic, simple rope that everyone will love!

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