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Lucio Londero Kubb: Luxury version
Opt for a game of top European quality. Kubb is made in Italy. Compared to games made in Asia, you will see the difference at first glance! This game is made in a traditional Italian family business - a manufacturer of wooden products. Wood: unpainted beech Wood: The choice of quality hardwood is important for Kubb. The products on offer are often referred to as hardwood because they sell better.

There are basically, in our opinion, three product categories: 1. Kubb - A game made of soft wood like pine. Wood is not able to absorb shocks, it splits and splinters are formed. We do not offer such a game! 2. Kubb - a game made of medium-hard wood, such as birch. Wood is significantly more durable than softwood. 3. Kubb - a game made of hardwood such as rubber tree or beech. The wood is very durable and the prisms are not damaged. Kubb games made of such materials have a very long service life.

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