Kontu Magnetic STEM Blocks - Let's Go Bigger


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Imagine your child building math skills with ease!

Children just can't resist the pull of our patent-pending magnetic blocks, cards, and activities. Two-sided number and activity cards start your child on the road to numeracy and math positivity. The included cards offer activities ranging from stacking and counting to counterbalance and "taking away."

Magnetic STEM Blocks grow with your child, introducing new challenges and concepts along the way. Your child will love feeling the force of the magnetic parts as they attract and repel each other. ​​Easy for small hands to grasp, STEM Blocks help develop fine motor skills. Includes 8 activity cards and 18 number and shape cards to promote problem-solving, counting, and numeral recognition.

  • Ages 3+
  • STEM Blocks are sustainably made in Thailand from the wood of the Para rubber tree
  • Includes 20 magnetic wooden blocks, 18 number & shape cards, 8 activity cards, 1 card stand