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Magic Swirl Kaleidoscope

Magic Swirl Kaleidoscope

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Make your own Kaleidoscope toy for kids with this engaging, entertaining and education craft kit! Simply combine water, swirl gel and confetti to make art that moves. Comes with kaleidoscope tube, 2 twirl tubes & caps, swirl gel, glow in the dark stickers, confetti assortment, 2 gaskets, nozzle tip and instructions. Use the step-by-step illustrated instructions to make creating a kids kaleidoscope toy fun and easy. A fun educational activity! Kids can learn about optics and light refractions while creating their own magic swirl kaleidoscope. Engage your sense of sight with a kaleidoscope toy for kids you make yourself! Watching the symmetrical shapes change and move is a calming and mindful activity for kids. Completing a craft kit is a great substitute for screen-time! Participating in art projects allows kids to practice their fine motor, thinking, analyzing and problem solving skills. This open-ended craft activity allows for imagination and creativity to take the lead! Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has created innovative craft activity kits designed to stimulate and encourage natural creativity.


  • Kaleidoscope tube
  • 2 swirl tubes and caps
  • Swirl gel(1 fl oz/30 ml)
  • Glow-in-the-dark stickers
  • Confetti assortment
  • 2 gaskets
  • Nozzle tip and instuctions.
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