Petunia the Ostrich 16" Plush

Moulin Roty

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Petulant Petunia is an elegant ostrich with a sparkly pink tulle collar. She is very flexible and can be positioned in different ways. Petunia is ideal as both a decorative item and as a toy. Measuring 18-inches tall, this lovable bird is safe for tots aged 10 months+.

  • 18" plush
  • Age: 10 months+

Please give a warm round of applause to welcome the "Les Roty Moulin Bazar" troupe: Petunia the petulant ostrich, Bo the clumsy old elephant, Roudoudou the gentlest lion, Zouzou the zebra & two new arrivals- a Kiwi and a Croc! Six wacky plush animals ready to put on a show!