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2-Pack Brain & Fireball

2-Pack Brain & Fireball

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The Yomega Brain Yoyo is so smart that when you throw it down, it will sleep and then remember to come back. The secret is in our centrifugal clutch system that opens to allow super long spins and then closes to force the return. This is easily one of the most popular yo-yo designs the world has ever seen! The Yomega Brain is absolutely perfect for beginners, kids, collectors, or anyone looking to purchase a great stress reliever.


The Yomega Fireball is no ordinary yoyo! Its fame and longtime popularity is due to the fact that it delivers super long spins that make it easy for kids of all ages to perform the classic tricks. It is the perfect choice for the intermediate player who wants to learn and advance their skills. With a flick of the wrist, the Fireball spins or "sleeps" at the end of the string, allowing maximum time for the player to perform string tricks. The player is allowed complete control and determines when the trick is complete by calling the Fireball back to the hand with a final flick of wrist.

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