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Petey the Parrot 12" Hand Puppet

Petey the Parrot 12" Hand Puppet

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The elegant and eloquent Petey is ready for adventure! This vibrant Macaw has a colorful coat that stands out a mile away, giving you a wonderful and engaging friend to add to your collection; a must-have for all bird lovers!

  • 12 inches in size
  • Made from the finest quality of material for lasting love
  • Bright red coat with a multitude of accents in pink, orange, yellow, lime, teal, blue, and white!
  • Body puppet that shows off the entirety of this amazing parrot while letting you control the beak and wings, letting you make as many 'Petey want a cracker'; jokes as you wish
  • Realistic design based off one of the most colorful animals on the planet!
  • Suitable for all ages and personalities
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