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Bowls & Acorns

Bowls & Acorns

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This set consists of six small wooden bowls, 36 colorful acorns in the colors of the rainbow and wooden tongs.

A great game to train dexterity and fine motor skills of the hands. Here you can assign colors, sort, develop your first mathematical understanding, build, plug and much more.

The bowls from Grapat also go wonderfully with the 12 Nins. It is a practical wooden toy with unlimited play possibilities.

Grapat's wooden bowls will accompany children for years. And even older children, parents and grandparents will certainly have some ideas for a suitable use of the bowls. Because they are also suitable as decoration. Combine the bowls with found leaves after a walk in the forest, with stones and driftwood after a walk on the beach or with flowers and small vases.

A real favorite toy, because the 6 bowls with the wooden acorns are loyal companions when playing and learning.

The simple shape and great combinability with the other wooden toys from Grapat result in a wide range of possible uses and games.

The 6 bowls, wooden tweezers and 36 wooden acorns are delivered in a pretty, sturdy cardboard box. A cloth bag for storage is also included.
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