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Cargo Harbour Train Set

Cargo Harbour Train Set

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Raise the draw bridge to let the loaded container ship sail into Brio harbor. Open the ship's hinged cargo bay doors to expose the precious cargo. Unload the ship with the multi-function magnetic crane into the waiting battery operated, motorized train. Pick up the load with the magnetic boom arm, slide open the box car doors and drop the cargo in for safekeeping. Once safely loaded, close the boxcar doors and press the button on the engine to power forward for the journey. Raise and lower the bridge by turning the bright red knob. And don't forget to open the safety gate at the bridge to let the train through. This 16 piece railway set includes the container ship, train with motorized engine, box car with sliding doors, special draw bridge, pivoting crane, 8 track sections and three cargo loads.

  • 16 piece set with Container ship with hinged cargo bays, motorized train, mechanical draw bridge and pivoting crane, 8 track sections and cargo
  • Button-activated, motorized train engine (1 AA battery not included) and working box car
  • Pivoting, magnetic, multi-function crane to load and unload the train and cargo ship
  • Moveable drawbridge with safety gates, open and close with the turn of the red button
  • For all aspiring cargo foremen ages 3+
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