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Collectors Velociraptor from The Doubleclicks

Collectors Velociraptor from The Doubleclicks

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You're not the right shape and you're not the right size

You don't get along with others but you need to realize
That the actors in the movies are not what you're supposed to be
You are good the way you are, cause you are you, that's best you see
We've all been looking for role models and turned our eyes to Hollywood
But that's not where to find them, look to yourself, yes that is good
It's ok
Don't be sad
Cause you're the size of a turkey, not a lion
Can't turn a knob and don't have friends to rely on
The movies have created an unattainable expectation
The raptors in those films were a fictional creation
Don't judge yourself too hard Velociraptor
You are good the way you are Velociraptor
RAWR Velociraptor
RAAAAWR! Velociraptor!
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