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Eco Nation Beagle 8"

Eco Nation Beagle 8"

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It's the cutest and most eco-conscious Beagle to ever wag its tail straight from Aurora's Eco-Nation family! This lovable pup is here to show you how to be a paw-sitive force for the planet.

Caution--cuddles ahead! This Beagle plush comes with a snuggly brown and white plush coat fabric that's made from recycled plastic bottles. Your hugs have never been so planet-friendly!

Also, check out its eyes! No plastic doodads here, just heartfelt and intricate eco-friendly embroidery.

This isn't just any toy, it's an eco-warrior! Feel good knowing that each snuggle and each game of fetch is also a step toward a more sustainable world.

Looking for a gift that tells your loved ones you care about them and the Earth? This Beagle is all ears and ready to spread joy and eco-awareness.

Utilize this irresistible plushie as an educational tool for the little ones. Teach them about the importance of recycling and sustainable living, one paw at a time!
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