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Ecoline Mini Chubbies Set of 7

Ecoline Mini Chubbies Set of 7

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Choosing your first car can be a headache for grown-ups, but for kids the choice is easy.

Our Ecoline Mini Chubbies have everything! Sustainable material, lovely bright colors, and simple, timeless design that inspires creativity. And the fuel? Playfulness! Cheap and kind to the planet.

This is a 7-pack of randomly mixed vehicles in different colors. Coincidence determines which colors and models you get.

This product is included in our Ecoline series. This means the toy is made from natural, renewable sources, in this case, sugar cane, which reduces CO2 emissions and in the long run, our environmental footprint. Actually, sugar canes bind more CO2 when growing than the production of raw material itself causes. The result is toys that are sustainable, non-toxic, oil-free, and 100% recyclable, combined with our timeless, durable design.

All our toys are Swedish-designed and 100% dishwasher safe.

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