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Fantastic Tales for Fearless Girls

Fantastic Tales for Fearless Girls

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This beautifully illustrated hardcover brings together 31 of the most courageous and irrepressible heroines of classic children's fiction and traditional folk tales from around the world.

Discover the stories of plucky Dorothy, who freed faraway Oz from a terrible tyrant; brave Bradamante, who rides into battle on a flying horse; fearless Lykke, the mermaid who saved a prince from drowning; and many more thrilling tales. Beautiful full-color illustrations by award-winning Khoa Le accompany these stories, bringing these enchanting stories to life.

Stories include:
• Dorothy's Adventure in Oz
• Hua Mulan, the Noble Warrior
• Gerda and the Snow Queen
• Princess Kaguya's Great Adventure
• Hermione and Perdita
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