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Moulin Roty

Giant Pick-Up Sticks

Giant Pick-Up Sticks

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This amazing set of giant mikado (pick-up sticks) is the perfect game for developing fine motor skills, concentration, patience, and determination. The set contains 41 pick-up sticks and instructions for play are printed on the back of the box.

If you are not aware of the rules of the game, the idea is to hold the sticks in a vertical bundle over a table or the ground and then release them to let the sticks fall randomly on the surface, forming a pile. Each player takes turns to pick up as many sticks as possible without moving or disturbing the other sticks. If another stick is disturbed, the next player has their turn.  The game ends when there are no more sticks to pick. The sticks are colour coded for scoring, if this is desired.

Size: Box is  9.5 x 2.5 x 50.5 cm.  Sticks are approx 49 cm long. Ages 4 and up

*Note: THIS ITEM IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR IN-STORE PICKUP. We're not currently able to ship it*

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