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Nins, Mates & Coins

Nins, Mates & Coins

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This beautifully crafted set of 18 rainbow coloured timber pieces is an open ended, loose parts toy, providing children with a tactile tool with which to discover and explore through non specific play. Fill and empty, move, sort and stack. One coin can serve to cover a mate (cup) and so hide its contents and make them disappear, Nins can hop into the mates or stack them all up in so many different ways. Simple exploratory games that help to develop, hand eye coordination, imagination, math skills and so much more.

This Grapat Nins, Mates & Coins include 18 pieces in rainbow coloured timber. Contains: 6 Nins, 6 Mates and 6 Coins in 6 rainbow colours, includes cloth bag.

The Nins measure 6cm in height and the coins and mates are approximately 4.7cm in diameter.

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