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Penguin head down

Penguin head down

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Ooh yummy, looks like this Ostheimer penguin has spotted a tasty fish to dive after. Its natural wood grain complements the black paint on its flippers and back to emulate its waterproof feathers. 5cm high.

Dive this penguin into the water, or waddle it around with its friends and babies. This Waldorf penguin has beautiful detailing including subtle yellow plumage beneath its beak, and has been hand carved one one single piece of wood, with precision angles creating its beak and feet. Purposefully simplistic in detail, it invites children to use this wooden penguin in a variety of scenes and depictions, from the South Pole to the Galapagos Islands, and even perhaps meeting Father Christmas!

Expertly hand crafted from sustainable, solid hard wood, this Ostheimer penguin is smooth, warm and tactile in children's hands. Hand-made in Germany, each figure is beautifully unique.
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