Collection: Bedtime

Simple Tips for Bedtime:

  1. Calm and quiet helps with the transition from day to night
  2. Consistency is the best way to get any routine to stick. 
  3. It's OK to let your child sleep with a teddy bear, special blanket, or favorite toy when they are young. (Make sure that the item is free from any choking hazards)
  4. We all need to be comfortable to sleep. They may want a drink of water, a light left on, or the door left slightly open.
  5. Avoid returning to your child's room when they call out. If they are safe and well, there is no need to go into their room while they sort out how to get themselves back to sleep.
  6. Give it time. Keep in mind that children need the time and opportunity to find out how to go back to sleep on their own when they wake up during the night.


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