Collection: Les Jolis Trop Beaux | Moulin Roty

Mister Bear just can’t sit still! Little Mouse, so cute, laughs with glee playing with the confetti. Oh so sweet little Baby Bear throws his streamers high in the air. Little Rabbit’s just so huggable playing with his friends. Quick a photo! All so lovable, fun and friendship never ends.

Soft and cuddly and just … so gorgeous!

The Jolis Trop Beaux, a delightful family portrait with the protective if rather clumsy figure of the large brown bear, a gentle and timid polar bear cub, a delicate but mischievous little mouse and a wise rabbit who simply loves practical jokes. An affectionate group of characters, a family of friends who live in a graphic fun world filled with colour and fantasy, focused on their home and its accessories.

This new mixed range is particularly rich and varied, associating a very wide palette of colors and textures. 

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