Collection: Quercetti

70 years after it was founded, the Quercetti family is still the head of the company, following in the same principles of honesty and sharing inherited by its founder Alessandro. 

The story of the company is inevitably combined with that of the family and its partners. All these people are passionate about their job, and every day they strive to improve the quality and the procedures so to make the products more competitive and so that the production line can remain in Italy.

We are indeed one of the very few companies who can be proud of controlling the production chain directly. The entire production cycle, from the design of the toy to its delivery, is carried out in Italy, in the city of Turin. Its workers reside locally, and this creates an essential resource in the region.  

Why we chose them:

When it comes to play, it is very individualized. That is something we like about this company. They focus on how the child can interact with the toy in their own unique play style. 

Furthermore, Qurecetti's new BioPlastic line, holds with our belief that toys should honor the earth.